Sunday, December 30, 2007


I hate this.
No, I loathe it.

Having to get up at 9 AM on a Sunday - Bad.
Seeing you got up because there's a water pipe leakage over your head - Worse.
Freaking out when you see your new, unread books have been given an unwanted complimentary bath - Worst.

[And to top it all, the books that drip when I hold them up aren't even the ones I bought for myself, they're the ones I got as some scholarship thingamajig from my dear, dear school.

Alright, so you can chuck the dear, dear bit, but I did want to read East of Eden and Ana Karenina! :( ]

Noticing that your Business Studies textbook survived the flood?
Conclusive proof that God is a sadist.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Tic Tap Toe

A drop of clear
Glistens, and escapes the pored steel;
Rests on the finger edge,
Unsure, cowardly.
But joined by a droplet new,
The show off then gets his cue;
And a journey begins.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

With the dawn of redeeming grace

Its Yuletide season folks, and you better hope you've been good the year through cause THIS is my official wish list :D

For Aanchal, Prerna, Pratikshya, Ankita Needi and Kika - The marks, the grades, and the 'no-studying's! Oh, and the treat! :)

For Nikita - 2390. :D

For Disha -

For Akanksha - NLSIU, and respite from evile, scheming Chem teachers.

For Shalvi - Time enough to meet us lesser beings :P

For Sukanya - An easier partner. :)

For Geetika - More CNN IBN features.Some that I manage to remember to see. :P Oh, and a normal, functioning cell phone.

For Kunal - The happiness you want, and the happiness you need! :)

For Anahita - More posts!

For Shayeri - Respect for thy humble opponents.Commerce people can be fun.Roar!

For Nitya - A stable existence :P

For Swastee, Varuna, and all ye sleeping bloggers - *puts ice cubes down your back[s]*

For Shrimp, Harleen, Diya Aditi, and Nim - More occasions to showcase them dance moves, babbeh!

For Shreya and Tanti - Doing them dance moves. :| :P

For Radhika, Sadhvi, and Saloni - HMMing times :)

For Meha and Shivani - Survival. :P

For Kandy - Hugs! :D

For Shilpi - Boxing gloves.

For Ishani and Kriti - Dal Makhani. :P

For Jen and Sanya - A normal-ish looking magazine. :D

For Hooper and Saniya - Mujhko man ki shakti dena, photographs email kar doo. :P

For Harini - Since I don't know you well as yet.... more posts, getting to know you? :)

For Wacko - [quote] identity of my own on Facebook [unquote] :P

For all my blogroll-ers - Nice [?], healthy, regularly updated blogs!

For everyone else I missed due to amnesia/plain stupidity/normal crazy behaviour - Christmas MERI hai! :D Gah.I sound dumb.Merry Christmas!

PS - My stocking yielded [among other things] a nail trimmer from my sister.Sukanya would know.Long, filthy nails, no? :P

PPS - My dawn is at 12:15 :D

Saturday, December 22, 2007


[Found this while draft-cleaning, dated November last year.I creep myself out sometimes. :| ]

Sometimes laughing all the time isn't such a good thing. People think that's all what you are. And when you've laughed at everything, every time, you reach a point when you can't do it anymore. You're not permitted to maybe, by some great natural law of things. You just can't laugh things off. You can't do anything. You're the one who laughed so hard, you cried. And then, when you want to cry, you can't. You're this great blob of something that exists. Barely. You feel like an emotionless sadist. You know you're supposed to feel bad because you've inadvertently hurt someone, and yourself, but you can't. The tears don't flow anymore. You hate yourself for being so cold, so uncaring, so hollow, so unfeeling, but you can't do anything about it. You just see it happening in front of you - you, sitting there, just being, your eyes reflecting the vacuum inside, the nothingness around you. You don't feel pain, you don't feel dread, you don't fear anything. You won't do anything reckless, because you're just not there. Because you're okay.
And you see yourself there. Okay.
Time stops. You're listening to a song on your iPod, and you don't know when it ended, what was playing. You're eating. Something. Maybe.
You know it all, yet you don't. But you're okay.
You're calm inside. It might be the lull before the storm. Or the peaceful smile on a dead face. Who knows? You don't. Yet, you do. Because you're okay.

And then, in a moment of blurriness, you let go. You're looking at old things, you're yourself again. You can't help yourself, everything comes tumbling out. You're laughing. And crying.
And then, it subsides.
You close your eyes.
You're okay.
And then, you smile.
You're "okay".

Sunday, December 9, 2007

And this... called a post!



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