Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Time for the customary year end post.

2008 has been a good boy.

School ended, school work ended [calling up Dominoes for sponsoring refreshments- 'Oh please, 35 apiece is okay', calling up HT/TOI for judges - 'No, PLEASE SIR!', calling up schools to get participants - 'No, PLEASE, come on? NO? Fiiine. What do you think of yourself, you, you...'], my own work started, yet..

It's been a good year.

The saree!
[Radh - Dude, you can't just not come on Democracy Day. Its the only day I get to rape you!]
[And - Official instructions : "All those taking Value Education classes are requested not to exhibit any knowledge regarding boyfriends and sex."]
Chandni Chowk.
Coffee and Math.
Farewells, gifts, speeches, crying.. Damn, who'd have thought?
My camera-finally!
Nehru Park. [Some fiasco, that. =P]
"Rape me, my friend..."
Embarrassing Moments Caught On Camera [Teehee]
The Christmas train. [suckers. missed it.]
[EDIT on request] National Museum, being mugged by a kid, while someone just stood and watched. >.>
Tarot cards. =P =P
In Math : Namrata, will you please spit out what you're chewing?
Nim : But ma'am, I was not chewing anything. I was just faking it.
Adventure Island.
Nangia's budday treat - Six months, yet to happen.
Almost singing Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You on Teacher's Day.
Macbeth practices. At Subway.
Ooh, Subway!
"Shit yaar, maine toh Da Vinci Code bhi padhi thi.." : Dish, after Suku and I convinced her that Vatican City was the capital of the world.
Assorted quizzes, debates and symposiums messed up.
Gossip. =P
"Yaar, mujhe koi kiss nahi deta." :Tapu, on being denied Hershey's Kisses.
School bus toilet humour.
CE staybacks. At Cafe Coffee Day.
A washed out Independence Day that turned out to be so much fun.
Impromptu trips to Barista to discuss platonic love.
"Ikchully, girls..."
Being caught by the vice principal, in the vice principal's office, having extremely mortifying conversations.
Singing Comfortably Numb, metal style, outside the principal's office.
But the Moment of the Year has to, has to go this:

In Economics:

Sonali, why are you grinning like that? Did I say something funny? Or is she doing something to you under the table?

The next year's gonna be a big one. There's the farewell in exactly a month, Boards [HELP!], college [Really? When? How?], shopping [^.^], time [finally!], and of course, things to cross off my To-Do-Before-20 List...

09, you better be great, kiddo.

As for 08, goodbye. It was good knowing you.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sue me if this isn't hilarious

Awesomeness. Press play.

12 Days Of Christmas
Christmas in Asia Minor

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas folks!

'tis the season to be jolly.., originally uploaded by .vasudha.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Goings On

Another one of those career counselling sessions happened at home.

Mum : So what are you going to do after you do Eco?
Me : Um. You realise I'm not even necessarily doing Eco, so kinda off-tangent to tell you what I'll do after that, right?
Mum : But you must know something..
Me : See, I'll give you a better option. I'll do one of those photography diplomas. Then you won't have any doubt. I'll have to be a photographer. Easy.
Mum : Photography is redundant. Why don't you become a paanwaala?
Me : Um. What did you just say?
Mum : Yeah, see it's safe. Recession, no recession, you're protected. No risk.

So. Vasudha Paanwaali and Associates anyone?


During the last week, I have been told that :
  1. I need a nose job.
  2. I am disloyal. [o.O]
  3. "Hey, self obsessed!"
  4. I should get my hair rebonded.
  5. "Bitch about you? You're our favourite topic of mockery, honey."
  6. I dance scarily. [After seeing the videos, I have to agree]
  7. "You = innocent? World = apocalypse."

The last fete at school just concluded. If last year was Operation Human Poster, this year was no less. The lucky draw stall I was on duty at had a cycle as one of the gifts. One glance and I knew it. Convince teacher, check. Convince friend, check. Fifteen minutes later, there's a crazy female cycling around the grounds with another at the back, shouting, "Luckydrawluckydrawluckydraaaaaw!" in manner of enthusiastic DTC conductor. The 9th standard actually cheered. Good God.

Day 1 of the Get Active Finally programme.
7:00 AM

Grandmum : Where are you going?
Me : Walk. I'll be back in an hour.
G'mum : Where?
Me : Here and there. East, I guess.
G'mum : Why don't you ask Chacha to drop you?

Oh, btw.

Unclejis : Blue hoodies and red track pants. [No.s spotted : 4]
Bachchajis with ages in the region of 15-25 : Over sized bomber jackets with hot pants. [The males ie.] [No.s spotted : 1] [No of aforementioned bachchas spotted : 1]
Auntyjis : Salwar kameez, with the dupatta over the head. Secured in place by a brown monkey cap.


I like imagination.
More importantly, I need some.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Time's ripe for a new post, don't you think?


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