Things To Do

Sky diving
Maybe some Scrabble while at it?

Learn to cook. And bake.

And a surefire, instantaneous way to nullify all those calories.
Photo by the incredibly awesome Purple Foodie. Say whaaat?

Read enough.

Collect board games. Friday games night in the future flat. In Bombay. Marine Drive, if we dreaming anyhow. :D

Never give up.

Make a frame and take it out and have strangers pose with it, and take photos.

Buy a telescope.

Walk more.

Buy a place in Bombay, really. And put a lifelong tick on the to-do list. :)

Attend the BYOFF in Puri. :D

Learn another language.

Play the piano.

Give up the shackles and discomforts instantly associated by self in going for things alone. Attend lectures, talks, workshops, movies-regardless of having company.


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