19. Female. New Delhi.
Photography. Reading. Not a lot of writing. Talking. Travel.
Escapist? Conventional? Conventionalish. Maybe.
Ooh, I love new stuff.
And fluorescent shoe laces.
I used to hate slam books when I was 12. Mostly because I was never sure of anything.
I sit at home and get fat and don't exercise.
I like nostalgia. And certain music.
Budding...nothing, I suppose. Prolly just aging.
I want to cycle in the hills. Soon.
I get excited by cool looking Powerpoint stuff.
I wish I read the papers.
I used to tattle, now I whine.
I'm lazy.
I love ice cream.
Also, impromptu plans that involve food.
Connoisseur of weird stuff.
In my alternative life, I'm compiling the definitive guide to interesting-in-my-book-Dilli-places.
In my alternative-alternative life, I'm studying Business Studies.

Sometimes, I don't make sense.
Not to me, though.

Oh, hi. :)


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