Monday, August 7, 2006


After 8 days..(!)........ finally.
After swotting hard cause my Science teachers couldn't get their Math right and gave us 7 chapters for a 25 marker (!!), I've finally remembered that I have a blog.
And since my science paper is now over (thankfully), this post moves on to more *cough cough* pleasant things....

August is here and so is the quizzing season in Delhi. The best way to miss classes without being punished for it.
Ah, bliss..........

And even more blissful is the rain : fresh drizzle, pearly drops and thundering skies...........
But the thunder causes only plain ol' turbulence.

The ter-boo-lens...well, that; that is at school.

So our Math class begins and the new Math teacher saunters in......
We begin,
And she "prooves" a theorem on the board.
"Its very important", she says, "the 'CBSC' says so...."

And we stare.

No, those aren't typos there.
Those are actual , factual (lol) examples......

The CBSE is the Central Board of Secondary Education but we sure don't mind it being changed to Chuck Board Schools for a Change.

Pink Floyd got it right.
I got it better"

We don't need no education.
Our teachers sure do.

And if not the teachers, at least the NCERT does.
This is actually from my Eco book just as it is there:

"This causes heavy loss to the customers; get spoiled suffer from monetary loss as well as get spoiled their health."

Yea, seriously.
And I still haven't been to answer my Science book when it asks:

"Why planets do not twinkle!"

Oooooh.....ever heard of question marks? Apparently not.

There was this circular that the CBSE issued that said students wouldn't be marked negatively for grammatical errors or minor spelling mistakes.But helloooo?? That's not an excuse enough for printing crap yourself!!

And sure, we all know WE can;t get spellings right and the circular is good for us and all that, but does that mean you teach it wrong in the first place?

And all these errors if you can call them that, in apparently revised editions...
.....the same editions you don't get until July because they're being edited and republished.

Yes, we belive that.

But the CBSE refuses to budge and change this.........
......and I get a new topic for my blog!!

Until future tirades!!!




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