Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Aaand it's March.

So much for being regular.
Or keeping book reading resolutions.
Don't you just know how a post starting with a sigh cannot be happy, much?

Defenses: I started learning Spanish! I have classes beginning 9AM on the weekends, thereby obliterating any chance of being able to sleep in, any day of the week, but they're fun! Bingo, pictionary, hangman, dumb charades and role plays. Very cool. :D
Also did a small eleven day course in animation and VFX from MAAC. In 125 rupees. Snapdeal!
Of course, it was very introductory, but learnt some neat stuff nonetheless. New found respect for actors as well. Editors ka toh always tha.
High point: took photography workshops for kids at the Katha Lab School in Govindpuri. Their happiness on handling cameras? Unmatched.
Visa stuff et cetera. More in subsequent [quite likely next, owing to speed] posts.

Aaaand that's it. What was the point of this post?
Well, nothing.


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