Saturday, July 15, 2006


Whew, just back from school, where we had a "grand" ceremony to mark the golden jubilee year of the school.
Can't believe I actually subjected myself to this torture. This. THIS. THIS!

1.Flowers everywhere
Okay, agreed they look good on the buildings and the like, but even inside the auditorium??! And to top it,some obnoxious room freshener had been sprayed in the a/c ducts. Bleh. No, really, bleh.

2.The "seating arrangements"
More like the lack of them. Seriously,who the hell likes sitting like you're in a vacuum sealed pack? [-_-][-_-][-_-]

3.The whole irritating thing!
So the show started, and so did my siesta, but soon enough I was rudely awoken by the sound of cheering and clapping - the one great reason not to sit next to over-excited eleventhies who refuse to grow up. Must be the only lunatics who clap because the school logo has been put up on a screen. How awesome, eh? :|

4. The touching and heartfelt poem.
I don't need to comment here. Everyone understood the subtleties of it, right? :P

And here's what I DID enjoy.

Did I enjoy anything? Wait. Lemme think.
Oh yeah. The free ice cream. Thanks a bunch to whoever paid for it. You SO made my day .

So the ultimate moral of the story.
Don't go looking for silver linings on a super cloudy day.

PS-Before any rumour crops up, I am NOT turning philosopher. Anyway. Peace.


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