Sunday, November 12, 2006


My butt is aching after sitting on a wooden plank-chair for three and a half hours straight.

More later.


The full story? You bet.

Though this is not an attempt to expose the insane state of affairs at weird-ish NTSE centres in Delhi, I have an even more weird-ish feeling it just might come close.

12 November, 2006 A.D.
2:00 AM.
I trudge back home bleary-eyed after spending two and a half hours trying to play football with a bunch of guys 1 x 1000000000000000001000000000 better than me.

7:00 AM.
Moi gets up, looks for school uniform, calls up 5 people to ask if they are going for the NTSE.Is suddenly hit with the relevation that I just might be the only one giving it.

9:00 AM.
I reach Govt Boys Senior Secondary School, Minto Road, just as it says on the admit card.

9:15 AM.
The centre has been changed to Govt Something-Something School, Mata-Something Road, just as it says on the admit card.Not.

9:30 AM.
I am in room no. 12 hopefully with people from school, if they decide to turn up.

9:45 AM.
I am sitting on a wooden plank/chair, next to a wispy-ish 8thie from Lady Irwin School.
I am also being shouted at by the Invigilator for sitting at the wrong seat.
I am also being asked to get up, look up my correct seat number and find it.
I sit at the same seat again because it is the correct seat.
I am shouted at again and made to look for the correct seat.Again.
I am shouted at for the third time AND made to look for the correct seat AGAIN (does it matter that I am ALREADY sitting on it??)
My dad is shouted for being in the room.Does it matter that they are parents of five other kids there??
I think that the Invigilator does not like me.

MAT begins.

11:30 AM.
MAT ends.
I try not to look at the Invigilator as she collects my question paper.

11:35 AM.
SAT begins. By now, my butt is aching (badly) because I am still sitting on the wooden plank/chair. The fans are off. Every 17.5 mins, I can hear the sound of a train passing.The Invigilator is also pissing me off.Because she happens to think I am some snooty kid.Which I am not.

11:59 AM.
The SAT sucks.Majorly. Super majorly.
I have resigned myself to picking out mistakes in the question paper and irritating the Invigilator by pointing out every single one of them to her, then asking in my most innocuous voice whether she can get them clarified.

Shruti asks the Invigilator if the people who have finished the paper can leave.The Invigilator says no.
A groan resounds through the un-classroom.

12:56 PM.
Contrary to what Disha expresses on the C-Box, I am not in love with my paper.I am just scouring it for any questions I might know.

1:00 PM
Shruti asks the Invigilator again.The Invigilator says no again.A groan resounds through the un-classroom again.

1:10 PM
The NTSE is over.
A horde of people rushes out of room 12.
Freedom! Liberty! Tyranny is dead!

And so ends a chapter in Vasudha's life.


Thursday, November 9, 2006

And then you expect us to be sane??!!

Its always been a universally accepted fact that the CBSE has never exactly been......well.....normal.I mean, look at the syllabus for instance.The same poem we did last year is there in the Orient Longman Grade 2 textbook.Says a lot for the standard of things.But this happens to be something way unexpected.

I am silver and exact. I have no preconceptions.
Whatever I see I swallow immediately
Just as it is, unmisted by love or dislike.
I am not cruel, only truthful -- The eye of a little god, four-cornered.
Most of the time I meditate on the opposite wall. It is pink, with speckles.
I have looked at it so long I think it is part of my heart. But it flickers.
Faces and darkness separate us over and over.

Now I am a lake.
A woman bends over me, Searching my reaches for what she really is.
Then she turns to those liars, the candles or the moon.
I see her back, and reflect it faithfully. She rewards me with tears and an agitation of hands.
I am important to her. She comes and goes.
Each morning it is her face that replaces the darkness.
In me she has drowned a young girl, and in me an old woman
Rises toward her day after day, like a terrible fish.

-Sylvia Plath

"............................Sylvia suffered from bouts of severe depression throughout her life. She had entered Smith College on a scholarship in 1950, but in the summer of 1953, after her return from a guest editorship at Mademoiselle magazine in New York, she experienced a severe episode of depression and was treated with a regimen of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) and, subsequently, at the beginning of her junior year, on August 24, 1953, she made the first of her suicide attempts. She was committed to a mental institution, and seemed to make an acceptable recovery, graduating from Smith in 1955, the same year she won the prestigious Glascock Prize competition for her poem "Two Lovers And A Beachcomber By The Sea." She later depicted her breakdown in her semi-autobiographical novel The Bell Jar."

The suicide attempts didn't stop.Know how she finally died?

By sticking her head in an oven.

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

I am what I am.And that ain't JKR.



It was the dead of the night.The summer holidays had just begun and the grounds stood deserted.Harry pulled up his Invisibility Cloak and peeped through Hagrid's window, seeking re-assurance that the gamekeeper truly was asleep.He heard Hagrid grunt, and, apparently satisfied, made his way up the castle.

A stifling mist hung as he walked up the flight of stone steps and faced the huge, oak front door that led to the Entrance Hall.He felt a pang of guilt as he proceeded to unyoke the door with the keys he'd swiped off Hagrid.But this sorrow was soon forgotten in the face of the larger, ominous mission of his that lay ahead; for the boy who had witnessed Dumbledore die seemed to have dissolved in the man Harry had become.This man proceeded ahead, moving through the corridors and staircases with the air of a warrior on his ultimate quest.


The stone gargoyle now lay in front of him as he contemplated, yet again, the righteousness of his plans.His face seemed to mirror a quiet inward satisfaction and he stepped ahead , breaking out of his reverie.He mentally registered how extremely ugly the gargoyle was, and muttered,"Fizzing Whizzbees".
Good, so McGonagall hadn't changed the password......yet.
as Harry reminded himself mirthlessly, he would probably out of her office long before she actually did.


The moonlight played on the strange silver instruments that stood on the table in the Headmistress' Office.Oddly enough, they were silent and still instead of whirring and emitting puffs of smoke as they usually did.

As he slithered out of the Invisibility Cloak, Harry reeled back with shock : a shallow stone basin engraved with runes and symbols lay in the half open cupboard in the Office. And swirling in it, silvery-white, lay strands of that reminiscent liquid-gas substance; like ethereal churnings in a crystal-ball, prophetic of the time to come.

"Aah," said a comfortingly familiar voice coming from somewhere behind him,"fancy a midnight fix of Butterbeer, Harry, eh?"

And Harry slowly turned around to face the bemused portrait of the greatest Headmaster Hogwarts had ever known : Albus Dumbledore.



My sister, the un-poetess.

Topic : My teenage sister.
: Vaidika W.

My teenage sister is a pain in the neck,
Due to her irritation I'm a complete (w)reck.
She surfs on the net all the time,
I'm asking her with what this'll rhyme.
What was the answer, I never knew..
For I, myself couldn't guess too.


Sunday, November 5, 2006

The Inverse Law Of Usenet Bandwidth

The more interesting your life becomes, the less you post; and vice-versa.

Amen to that.

Friday, November 3, 2006

Utterly nonsensical musings of a bored bleuh-ger

The fact that I haven't been to school this entire week has led to some very un-philosophical thinking on my part....

Which obviously moronic creature named the school clubs?
Lets see...
The quiz
Ahem.As far as I know, nexus means a group of mafia/dons/O! Sambar-bin-chutney and/or Mota Vakeel-esque guys. for a quiz club?
I have trouble digesting that.

Hindi Debate Club......parisar.
Parisar arthaat ghar ke aas-paas ki deewar athva ghar ko gherne vaali jagah.

Computer (!!!)
Don't get me started on this one.......*though I'd admit it sounds better than what would have been even more confuddling names....."IBM"....or worse.."Microsoft"...:P


The radio stations have all turned weird and so have the listeners.
Sample this....
"Jaago Zara"....*yea...that song by umm......Viva:D* being played at 1 :09 AM.
Moi was so zapped by it that I didn't even change the station.
Turned out one of those corny 'Love Guru' programs was on.Outta sheer curiosity, I plugged in.

Caller:Uhh....uhh.....main ek 16 year old ladki hoon.Mujhe bas ek hi problem hai....uhh..uhh....mera koi boyfriend hi nahi hain.....main KYAAN karoon ki mujhe koi boyfriend mil jaye...?? Aap please meri madad kijiye........

Apparent "Love Guru"-guy : Dekhiye, jab jo cheez honi hogi, ho jayegi.Jab samay sahi ho gaa, tab aapko apna humsafar (:P :P :P) mil jayega. Tabh bhi, koi jaldbaazi mat kariyegaa.Kissi relationship main aise hi mat ghus jayiyega.Aapko zaroor sahi waqt par apna saathi milega.


That was....umm......very enlightening.......

Oh, and check out this ad I heard....
"Ek sau baras saal ki budiya ki ghutti piye bachcha ghatta-ghatt...
Daant nikle phatta-PHATTTTT!!!!!!"

*squirms in seat and proceeds to next topic of (un)interest...*


Since this refused to negate my ever-increasing re-read OotP...(for the umm.....31st time?)
Three questions:
What is with Hermione and the room with the veil?

'Lets go ,' called Hermione from halfway up the stone steps.'This isn't right,Harry , come on, let's go.'
She sounded scared, much more scared than she had in the room where the brains swam...

'Harry, let's go , OK?' said Hermione more forcefully.

'I can hear them too,'breathed Luna , joining them around the side of the archway and gazing at the swaying veil.'There are people in there!'
'What do you mean , "in there"?' demanded Hermione, jumping down from the bottom step and sounding much angrier than the occasion warranted,'there isn't anybody "in there", its just an archway, there's no room for anybody to be in there.Harry, stop it, come away-'
She grabbed him arm and pulled, but he resisted.
'Harry, we're supposed to be here for Sirius!' she said in a high-pitched, strained voice.

'What d'you reckon that arch was ?' Harry asked Hermione as they regained the dark circular room.
'I don't know, but whatever it was, it was dangerous,' she said firmly, again inscribing a fiery cross on the door.

*whistles in a low voice*
Well, I dunno what that was all about...BUT that's a way someone would behave if they knew something important about a place and did not want the other person to know it.
I mean, come to think of it, the only reason you'd behave like that would be if some person started getting too curious about something you didn't want them to know, and started getting dangerously close to knowing it............only then would you start shepherding them away from the place.

Yanyway, makes for some grey cell exercise.......

Second thing.......after Dumbledore tells Harry the whole nine yards of the prophecy (Pg 742) he says...
' marking you with a scar, he did not kill you as he intended, but gave you powers, and a future, which have fitted you to escape him not once, but four times so far- something that neither your parents, nor Neville's parents , ever achieved.'

Let's count..
Escape no. 1 - As a kid , in Godric's Hollow.
Escape no. 2 - In Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone.
Escape no. 3 - In Chamber of Secrets , from Tom Marvolo Riddle's memory.
Escape no. 4 - In Goblet of Fire, in front of Riddle's anscetral home.
Escape no. 5 - In OotP, in the Ministery of Magic.


And last.......thestrals.

The first time Harry is able to see the thestrals is in OotP.Now, thestrals can only be seen if you've seen death, i.e. seen someone die.
So, by that logic, Harry should've been able to see the thestrals in his first year itself 'cause Lily had been killed right in front of his eyes.
Even if he'd blinked when Voldy said Avada Kedavara by some weird chance of fate (:D), he'd still seen what's-his-name umm....yea..Frank Bryce being killed in that vision he had in GoF (or did he???......HEAVEN HELP ME !!!!!.....I'VE FORGOTTEN!!!!!)
Well....even if he didn't what about Lily??

Open questions.Feel free to comment (or else!!!!!)


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