Sunday, December 31, 2006

And another one bites the dust.....

Happy New Year!!

May all your troubles last as long as your New Year resolutions!

Sunday, November 12, 2006


My butt is aching after sitting on a wooden plank-chair for three and a half hours straight.

More later.


The full story? You bet.

Though this is not an attempt to expose the insane state of affairs at weird-ish NTSE centres in Delhi, I have an even more weird-ish feeling it just might come close.

12 November, 2006 A.D.
2:00 AM.
I trudge back home bleary-eyed after spending two and a half hours trying to play football with a bunch of guys 1 x 1000000000000000001000000000 better than me.

7:00 AM.
Moi gets up, looks for school uniform, calls up 5 people to ask if they are going for the NTSE.Is suddenly hit with the relevation that I just might be the only one giving it.

9:00 AM.
I reach Govt Boys Senior Secondary School, Minto Road, just as it says on the admit card.

9:15 AM.
The centre has been changed to Govt Something-Something School, Mata-Something Road, just as it says on the admit card.Not.

9:30 AM.
I am in room no. 12 hopefully with people from school, if they decide to turn up.

9:45 AM.
I am sitting on a wooden plank/chair, next to a wispy-ish 8thie from Lady Irwin School.
I am also being shouted at by the Invigilator for sitting at the wrong seat.
I am also being asked to get up, look up my correct seat number and find it.
I sit at the same seat again because it is the correct seat.
I am shouted at again and made to look for the correct seat.Again.
I am shouted at for the third time AND made to look for the correct seat AGAIN (does it matter that I am ALREADY sitting on it??)
My dad is shouted for being in the room.Does it matter that they are parents of five other kids there??
I think that the Invigilator does not like me.

MAT begins.

11:30 AM.
MAT ends.
I try not to look at the Invigilator as she collects my question paper.

11:35 AM.
SAT begins. By now, my butt is aching (badly) because I am still sitting on the wooden plank/chair. The fans are off. Every 17.5 mins, I can hear the sound of a train passing.The Invigilator is also pissing me off.Because she happens to think I am some snooty kid.Which I am not.

11:59 AM.
The SAT sucks.Majorly. Super majorly.
I have resigned myself to picking out mistakes in the question paper and irritating the Invigilator by pointing out every single one of them to her, then asking in my most innocuous voice whether she can get them clarified.

Shruti asks the Invigilator if the people who have finished the paper can leave.The Invigilator says no.
A groan resounds through the un-classroom.

12:56 PM.
Contrary to what Disha expresses on the C-Box, I am not in love with my paper.I am just scouring it for any questions I might know.

1:00 PM
Shruti asks the Invigilator again.The Invigilator says no again.A groan resounds through the un-classroom again.

1:10 PM
The NTSE is over.
A horde of people rushes out of room 12.
Freedom! Liberty! Tyranny is dead!

And so ends a chapter in Vasudha's life.


Thursday, November 9, 2006

And then you expect us to be sane??!!

Its always been a universally accepted fact that the CBSE has never exactly been......well.....normal.I mean, look at the syllabus for instance.The same poem we did last year is there in the Orient Longman Grade 2 textbook.Says a lot for the standard of things.But this happens to be something way unexpected.

I am silver and exact. I have no preconceptions.
Whatever I see I swallow immediately
Just as it is, unmisted by love or dislike.
I am not cruel, only truthful -- The eye of a little god, four-cornered.
Most of the time I meditate on the opposite wall. It is pink, with speckles.
I have looked at it so long I think it is part of my heart. But it flickers.
Faces and darkness separate us over and over.

Now I am a lake.
A woman bends over me, Searching my reaches for what she really is.
Then she turns to those liars, the candles or the moon.
I see her back, and reflect it faithfully. She rewards me with tears and an agitation of hands.
I am important to her. She comes and goes.
Each morning it is her face that replaces the darkness.
In me she has drowned a young girl, and in me an old woman
Rises toward her day after day, like a terrible fish.

-Sylvia Plath

"............................Sylvia suffered from bouts of severe depression throughout her life. She had entered Smith College on a scholarship in 1950, but in the summer of 1953, after her return from a guest editorship at Mademoiselle magazine in New York, she experienced a severe episode of depression and was treated with a regimen of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) and, subsequently, at the beginning of her junior year, on August 24, 1953, she made the first of her suicide attempts. She was committed to a mental institution, and seemed to make an acceptable recovery, graduating from Smith in 1955, the same year she won the prestigious Glascock Prize competition for her poem "Two Lovers And A Beachcomber By The Sea." She later depicted her breakdown in her semi-autobiographical novel The Bell Jar."

The suicide attempts didn't stop.Know how she finally died?

By sticking her head in an oven.

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

I am what I am.And that ain't JKR.



It was the dead of the night.The summer holidays had just begun and the grounds stood deserted.Harry pulled up his Invisibility Cloak and peeped through Hagrid's window, seeking re-assurance that the gamekeeper truly was asleep.He heard Hagrid grunt, and, apparently satisfied, made his way up the castle.

A stifling mist hung as he walked up the flight of stone steps and faced the huge, oak front door that led to the Entrance Hall.He felt a pang of guilt as he proceeded to unyoke the door with the keys he'd swiped off Hagrid.But this sorrow was soon forgotten in the face of the larger, ominous mission of his that lay ahead; for the boy who had witnessed Dumbledore die seemed to have dissolved in the man Harry had become.This man proceeded ahead, moving through the corridors and staircases with the air of a warrior on his ultimate quest.


The stone gargoyle now lay in front of him as he contemplated, yet again, the righteousness of his plans.His face seemed to mirror a quiet inward satisfaction and he stepped ahead , breaking out of his reverie.He mentally registered how extremely ugly the gargoyle was, and muttered,"Fizzing Whizzbees".
Good, so McGonagall hadn't changed the password......yet.
as Harry reminded himself mirthlessly, he would probably out of her office long before she actually did.


The moonlight played on the strange silver instruments that stood on the table in the Headmistress' Office.Oddly enough, they were silent and still instead of whirring and emitting puffs of smoke as they usually did.

As he slithered out of the Invisibility Cloak, Harry reeled back with shock : a shallow stone basin engraved with runes and symbols lay in the half open cupboard in the Office. And swirling in it, silvery-white, lay strands of that reminiscent liquid-gas substance; like ethereal churnings in a crystal-ball, prophetic of the time to come.

"Aah," said a comfortingly familiar voice coming from somewhere behind him,"fancy a midnight fix of Butterbeer, Harry, eh?"

And Harry slowly turned around to face the bemused portrait of the greatest Headmaster Hogwarts had ever known : Albus Dumbledore.



My sister, the un-poetess.

Topic : My teenage sister.
: Vaidika W.

My teenage sister is a pain in the neck,
Due to her irritation I'm a complete (w)reck.
She surfs on the net all the time,
I'm asking her with what this'll rhyme.
What was the answer, I never knew..
For I, myself couldn't guess too.


Sunday, November 5, 2006

The Inverse Law Of Usenet Bandwidth

The more interesting your life becomes, the less you post; and vice-versa.

Amen to that.

Friday, November 3, 2006

Utterly nonsensical musings of a bored bleuh-ger

The fact that I haven't been to school this entire week has led to some very un-philosophical thinking on my part....

Which obviously moronic creature named the school clubs?
Lets see...
The quiz
Ahem.As far as I know, nexus means a group of mafia/dons/O! Sambar-bin-chutney and/or Mota Vakeel-esque guys. for a quiz club?
I have trouble digesting that.

Hindi Debate Club......parisar.
Parisar arthaat ghar ke aas-paas ki deewar athva ghar ko gherne vaali jagah.

Computer (!!!)
Don't get me started on this one.......*though I'd admit it sounds better than what would have been even more confuddling names....."IBM"....or worse.."Microsoft"...:P


The radio stations have all turned weird and so have the listeners.
Sample this....
"Jaago Zara"....*yea...that song by umm......Viva:D* being played at 1 :09 AM.
Moi was so zapped by it that I didn't even change the station.
Turned out one of those corny 'Love Guru' programs was on.Outta sheer curiosity, I plugged in.

Caller:Uhh....uhh.....main ek 16 year old ladki hoon.Mujhe bas ek hi problem hai....uhh..uhh....mera koi boyfriend hi nahi hain.....main KYAAN karoon ki mujhe koi boyfriend mil jaye...?? Aap please meri madad kijiye........

Apparent "Love Guru"-guy : Dekhiye, jab jo cheez honi hogi, ho jayegi.Jab samay sahi ho gaa, tab aapko apna humsafar (:P :P :P) mil jayega. Tabh bhi, koi jaldbaazi mat kariyegaa.Kissi relationship main aise hi mat ghus jayiyega.Aapko zaroor sahi waqt par apna saathi milega.


That was....umm......very enlightening.......

Oh, and check out this ad I heard....
"Ek sau baras saal ki budiya ki ghutti piye bachcha ghatta-ghatt...
Daant nikle phatta-PHATTTTT!!!!!!"

*squirms in seat and proceeds to next topic of (un)interest...*


Since this refused to negate my ever-increasing re-read OotP...(for the umm.....31st time?)
Three questions:
What is with Hermione and the room with the veil?

'Lets go ,' called Hermione from halfway up the stone steps.'This isn't right,Harry , come on, let's go.'
She sounded scared, much more scared than she had in the room where the brains swam...

'Harry, let's go , OK?' said Hermione more forcefully.

'I can hear them too,'breathed Luna , joining them around the side of the archway and gazing at the swaying veil.'There are people in there!'
'What do you mean , "in there"?' demanded Hermione, jumping down from the bottom step and sounding much angrier than the occasion warranted,'there isn't anybody "in there", its just an archway, there's no room for anybody to be in there.Harry, stop it, come away-'
She grabbed him arm and pulled, but he resisted.
'Harry, we're supposed to be here for Sirius!' she said in a high-pitched, strained voice.

'What d'you reckon that arch was ?' Harry asked Hermione as they regained the dark circular room.
'I don't know, but whatever it was, it was dangerous,' she said firmly, again inscribing a fiery cross on the door.

*whistles in a low voice*
Well, I dunno what that was all about...BUT that's a way someone would behave if they knew something important about a place and did not want the other person to know it.
I mean, come to think of it, the only reason you'd behave like that would be if some person started getting too curious about something you didn't want them to know, and started getting dangerously close to knowing it............only then would you start shepherding them away from the place.

Yanyway, makes for some grey cell exercise.......

Second thing.......after Dumbledore tells Harry the whole nine yards of the prophecy (Pg 742) he says...
' marking you with a scar, he did not kill you as he intended, but gave you powers, and a future, which have fitted you to escape him not once, but four times so far- something that neither your parents, nor Neville's parents , ever achieved.'

Let's count..
Escape no. 1 - As a kid , in Godric's Hollow.
Escape no. 2 - In Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone.
Escape no. 3 - In Chamber of Secrets , from Tom Marvolo Riddle's memory.
Escape no. 4 - In Goblet of Fire, in front of Riddle's anscetral home.
Escape no. 5 - In OotP, in the Ministery of Magic.


And last.......thestrals.

The first time Harry is able to see the thestrals is in OotP.Now, thestrals can only be seen if you've seen death, i.e. seen someone die.
So, by that logic, Harry should've been able to see the thestrals in his first year itself 'cause Lily had been killed right in front of his eyes.
Even if he'd blinked when Voldy said Avada Kedavara by some weird chance of fate (:D), he'd still seen what's-his-name umm....yea..Frank Bryce being killed in that vision he had in GoF (or did he???......HEAVEN HELP ME !!!!!.....I'VE FORGOTTEN!!!!!)
Well....even if he didn't what about Lily??

Open questions.Feel free to comment (or else!!!!!)

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Yeah.....I'm back.
Finally convinced my mum to un-ground me.......whoopee.
Since I've been gone almost the whole of October....this post is gonna be about my tirades (or their lack thereof) during the most non-uneventful *sheesh* months of the year...... :D

October 1 : Holiday !!!!....Sunday....
Stayed at home and worried about the PTA on 12th.

October 2 : Gandhi Jayanti.Lal Bahadur Shastri's birth anniversary.Dussehra.Durga Puja. Chacha's birthday.Holiday again.

October 3 : School re-opened after the so-called Dussehra break. I mean, look at it. Saturday had to be a holiday anyway. Ditto for Sunday. Monday had a horde of stuff that made it a holiday thrice over. The school authorities wanted to get rid of us after the exams so they gave Friday a hol and called the whole thing a Dussehra break. We're being oppressed, I tell you.

October 4 : Got back most of our papers.In other words, flirted dangerously close with death.

October 5 : Got back the rest of our papers. Pigged out on Shaloma's birthday cake.

October 6 : Moi got a holiday 'cause I didn't wanna go for the school trip.Rishikesh.Sheesh.I have better things to do.

October 7 : Went to see John Tucker Must Die with Hooper, Nangia, Meha and Hooper's cousin Vanessa 'cause we were the only peeps not in Rishikesh.Reached PVR an hour before it began. Roamed about in an empty market.Turned out that we were the only insane creatures who roamed about in markets that hadn't even opened. Saw Barista's shutters being lifted.Barged right in. Made a fool of ourselves by ordering muffins and ice cream at 10 30 am (yes, AM!!).
Somehow spent an hour there. Went back to PVR. The movie turned out to be pretty good...*thongs*....Tried to decide where to have lunch.In the end, decided on the McD's at GK 'cause Hooper and Vanessa said the stuff at the Saket one sucked.I didn't know the food tasted different at all of them.Whatever.Had food.Circled (actually, squared) the market thrice.Got bored.Went to Nangia's place.Played Monopoly. Technically, I won but they refused to admit it.Went back home.Got bored.

October 8 : Was a Sunday.Went to the library.Got four books.Read them.

October 9 : Another dreary Monday. Did nothing except initiate a li'l revolt err....revolt against the Physics teacher :D

October 10 : Went to school.Came back.Went to school again at 5.Went to Rashtrapati Bhavan for a showcase by the President's Bodyguards.Came back to school impressed.Went back home.Was also Karva Chauth.

October 11 : Spent the entire day worrying about the PTA.SOS.SOS.SOS.SOS.SOS.SOS......

October 12 : PTA day. Someone in Dad's office got seriously ill 'cause of dengue, so he couldn't go to school to get my report card.Oh,well.

October 13 : The major fiasco day.In more than one way.Went to school.Went to DPS Mathura Road for a quiz.Didn't qualify (what's new?).BUT this time (as at SGC) ...should have.We got more marks than two of the six qualifying teams.Sanskriti got double the qualifying marks.Neither we nor them qualified.Went to the quizmaster and asked (as politely as we could in spite of our seething anger) what the qualifying marks were. His reply? Ahem."I'm not at liberty to disclose that information."Oh, and was it any surprise that 4 of the 6 qualifying teams were from DPS?
Fiasco number two.Came back home.Was my sis's b'day.Moi was the official DJ.The official waitress.The official clown.And the official dumbass.The party got over with more than a few hiccups.Moi...bored after everything, logged on the net.As always, no one was online.Logged off.Mum came.Shouted at me for not cleaning up some stuff and doing velapanti on the net instead.Was about to open my mouth to retaliate when I heard the next bit of her speech.Apparently, I was grounded.Couldn't go online ever again till I learnt how to fault I didn't add official servant to my list of titles.

October 14 : Democracy Day at school. 10th and 11th got an off.

October 15 : Sunday.Need I say more?

Otober 16 : Bunked school legally.Went to place called Constitutional Club for a seminar on the Make Poverty History campaign organised by SCS.Was pretty um...enaging, particularly this one play kinda thing by these people from Andhra Pradesh.Me and Nangia had a most um-intellectual discussion on it. The actual discussion is too colourful to be written about here.

October 17 : Quizzotica was suppossed to take place today but got cancelled. AM and SD venting out their anger at the lack of intelligence in school on the Quiz Club.

October 18 : Another hellish day at school.NO free periods.Double Math.Chem.Phy.Geo.Bio.Double Eng.Hindi.*groan*

October 19 : Last day of school b4 Diwali hols.School got over at 11 30 *woot*

October 20 : Mum made me clean my room b4 Diwali.Cleaned my room.Found a lot of stuff I thought I'd thrown.Like this scrap on paper which was privy to my boredom in one of last year's English classes:

All the world's a stage.
And all men and women are merely players.
oops...stage fright.

October 21 : Diwali.Did not burn crackers. Did not play cards. Looks like I might get a halo next.

October 22 : Goverdhan Puja.Didn't know how I was supposed to celebrate it.Didn't.

October 23 : Monday blues.Wait.There was no school today.Umm......whatever.

October 24 : Bhai Duj.Made some easy cash :P

October 25 : Id-ul-fitr.Or was it the next day?

October 26 : Id again.....Maybe.
Oh, and school re-opened.
Apparently...everyone in school knows about our class' crusade against the Phy teacher.*double woot*

October 27 : For the first time this year, free Physics period. The teacher was absent.Maybe she's absconding.Hmm......

October 28 : Saturday.Woke up at 5 (AM!!!).Went to school.Volleyball practice.Returned back home with a pair of torn jeans.

October 29 : Woke up at 4 30 (yes....AM!!!).Went to school again.Turned out I'd reached half an hour b4 practice.Pumped up the volume on my sister's iPod (which I'd sneaked :D) and took 8 rounds of the entire court.Discovered a way to enter the canteen even when it was locked (no kidding!!!!) Lost a practice match to SVISG (the name's too long to write :P).Came back home with a pair of legs in no working condition.

October 30 : The volleyball tournament for which we'd been practising got cancelled because of the trader's bandh.*mutters a bunch of explicitives*
Priyadarshini Mattoo's killer got the death sentence.*triple woot*Public power lives.Unlike Dumbeldore, the Indian judiciary is not dead.*high fives an imaginary hand in the air*

October 31 : Trader's strike continues.Took an off from school.Got MAJORLY bored at home.Oh, well......that's life.

*v-dha falls asleep on the keyboard after taxing her brain so much.
post a comment to wake her up!!!!*

Monday, October 30, 2006

Buffoon-ing around....

Just a teenie-weenie filler.

Was IMing Shall-we, the almighty football worshipper.
Called her a buffoon.
She thought I meant Buffon.
Moi rolled my eyes.
Tried to explain what buffoon was.
Finally, had to beseech the great Merriam-Webster to sort me out..

One entry found for buffoon.
Main Entry: buf·foon

Pronunciation: (")b&-'fün
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle French bouffon, from Old Italian buffone
1 : a ludicrous figure : clown
2 : a gross and usually ill-educated or stupid person
- buf·foon·ish /-'fü-nish/ adjective

Nothing wrong with it?

Read it again.

Still nothing?

from Old Italian buffone

Old Italian.



Moi stared rapturously.

Why would anyone have a last name that meant..well... moron?

I mean....usually ill-educated or stupid person?


Shall-we the great was right after all.

I concede defeat.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Okay folks, its official.

Quit rejoicing. You can at least feign some mourning for my *sniff* sake.

Oh, and [belated] happy Diwali.
May the good soon win over the teachers evil.

Cheers! :D

Saturday, October 7, 2006

And the [Ig] Nobel goes to......

Well people....its that time of the year again.
The wierdest awards in science are bet, the Ig Nobel.
For the idiots who dunno, the Ig Nobels are a spoof on the actual Nobel prizes, and are well......obviously more entertaining than their 'prim and propah' counterparts.
So....this year's Ig Nobels were given away in an award ceremony on the 5th of October at Harvard's Sanders Theatre (the official site also gives tips on how to "pahk your cah near Hahvud Yahd" (:P)

This year's bunch are :

Nic Svenson and Piers Barnes of the Australian Commonwealth Scientific Research Organisation, for calculating the number of shots a photographer must take to ensure that nobody in a group photo will have their eyes closed.

Bart Knols of Wageningen Agricultural University in the Netherlands and colleague Ruurd de Jong for showing that the female mosquito, which carries malaria, is attracted equally to the smell of cheese and human feet.

Howard Stapleton of Merthyr Tydfil , Wales for inventing a teenage repellant - a device that makes a high-pitched noise that is annoying to teenagers but inaudible to most adults. ( :P )

Ivan Schwab of University of California Davis and the late Philip May of University of California Los Angeles, for explaining why woodpeckers don't get headaches.

Wasmia Al-Houty of Kuwait University and Faten Al-Mussalam of the Kuwait Environment Public Authority, for showing that dung beetles are finicky eaters.

D.Lynn Halpern, Randolph Blake and James Hillenbrand of Chicago's Northwestern University, for a 1986 experiment aimed at discovering why the sound of fingernails scrapping on a blackboard is so irritating.

Francis Fesmire of the University of Tennessee College of Medicine and Majed Odeh, Harry Bassan and Arie Oliveh of Bnai Zion Medical Centre in Hafia, Israel who both published studies entitled 'Termination of Intractable Hiccups with Digital Rectal Massage.'

Daniel Oppenheimer of Princeton University for his report 'Consequences of Erudite Vernacular Utilized Irrespective of Necessity: Problems with Using Long Words Needlessly.'

Basile Audoly and Sebastien Neukirch of the Université Pierre et Marie Curie, in Paris, for their insights into why, when you bend dry spaghetti, it often breaks into more than two pieces.

Antonio Mulet, José Javier Benedito and José Bon of the University of Valencia, Spain, and Carmen Rosselló of the University of Illes Balears, in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, for their study "Ultrasonic Velocity in Cheddar Cheese as Affected by Temperature."

What do I say.................. comments will come after I'm done

Thursday, October 5, 2006


*rudely woken up from the myriadic depths of prolonged sub-consciousness by a loudly buzzing cell phone alarm that refuses to run out of its battery when it is supposed to*

umm.......*opens one eye*.......oh...the blog??.......I'll update it.....err.....tomorrow.....yea..pakka........

*is forced to open the other eye when a certain someone called Nitya posts some...(what was it?)....yea.....6....posts in one day....*

Well.....I'm back......*drum roll*....*red carpet out*.....*cameras flashing*...... the rest of us have *cough* survived the ordeal *cough* of getting out papers back............
Let's move on to more pleasant stuff , shall we?

September..............thoust extended its cruel hands and sealed my fate with finalty...........

18th : Math Exam.

Moi grounded.

20th : Hindi Exam.

22nd : Eng Exam.
Oh, we love Julius Caesar, don't we?

25th : Social Studies
Et tu, social studies?

27th : Science
Then die,Caesar Vasudha.


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Are people going crazy, or is it just me?

rad's wierd frnd: hola

vasudha: heya
so finally...........whuz dis

rad's wierd frnd: chie meorng piritt

vasudha: wat?

rad's wierd frnd: spanish

vasudha: duh.........i got dat whur u dude?

rad's wierd frnd: hi there
i know for sure
something abt english

vasudha: ..............

rad's wierd frnd: who are u

vasudha: hey w8 a sec.......ur radhika's frnd, rnt u?

rad's wierd frnd: now who is radhika?
i dnt knw

vasudha: radhika saxena

rad's wierd frnd: all girls run behind with this std dialogue
excuse me i dnt knw

vasudha: lets get dis straight

rad's wierd frnd: yup

vasudha: frst of send me mails

rad's wierd frnd: me, pardon

vasudha: and den, ur da one askin me whu i am .........

rad's wierd frnd: so strange!!!!!!!!!

vasudha: and to top it all,,,,,
you think im intrstd in u....

rad's wierd frnd: its necessary to knw who is at other side of comp
i think so
dont know
god is great and world is very small
isnt it

vasudha: and deyr r ppl whu think deyr god himself
so go take a hike....
get lost
do wateva ............

rad's wierd frnd: take care buddy have to go send me ur profile throgh email

vasudha:................ but leave me alone

rad's wierd frnd: i will have a look and if any interest willbe contacted for sure

vasudha: and yea....i do not want emails from ppl i dunno

rad's wierd frnd: excuse me u sending me emails

vasudha: helloo????!!!

rad's wierd frnd: chao

vasudha: I AM NOT INTERESTED!!!!!!!!!

rad's wierd frnd: me too!
wow hum tum story again

vasudha: well den y dont u just get lost??!!....

rad's wierd frnd: i like ur attitude
wht do u think
should we talk each other more

vasudha: no way.....

rad's wierd frnd: take care

vasudha: bye....adios....wa eva..... jus get lost.....hopefully foreva .....

RADHIKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have some serious explaining to do.....
I thought you told me this wierdo was some friend of yours........who had some wierd fixation with sending people on YOUR mailing list e-mails...
so far, so good.

but this??!!!

(PS.....I hope you know who I'm tlking about..^~^)

Monday, September 4, 2006


Was sitting bored in class...(what else will I be doing in bio??!!) when I saw these 4 or 5 kids sitting (in the front row obviously) totally rapt, with open mouths and wide eyes, gaping at the teacher.
The rest of the class was gaping at them.
Exceptions, obviously.

Why is it that for every single thing, there are these people who turn out to be different?
Different in thought, different in actions, different someway.

How is it that for something (supposedly) everyone likes, there is always a person who detests it?
Something might be thought to be universally hated, but why is there always someone who has a fervent passion for it?


What would you say if I gave you the lifeless expanse of a desert , proved that life did not exist there for miles around, except on a small speck of sand lying indistinguishable among all the rest?
A speck so minuscule, that even if you tried to see it standing upright, you'd fail.

And on that very speck, if I said, there existed billions of life forms, millions of species, some of them sized a trillionth of that speck.

And what if each of them consisted of particles even smaller, so small they weren't even visible to those tiny organisms?

Brimming with these life forms, what if it was just this speck that showed all this?
Just this among those vast multitudes of sand.

Unimaginable, isn't it?

Yet, that is exactly what the Earth is.
An exception.

Our existence is an exception.

Call it what you may: fate, divine intervention, co-incidence, or even science..... is an exception.

And so is your class nerd. Jeez.

Monday, August 7, 2006


After 8 days..(!)........ finally.
After swotting hard cause my Science teachers couldn't get their Math right and gave us 7 chapters for a 25 marker (!!), I've finally remembered that I have a blog.
And since my science paper is now over (thankfully), this post moves on to more *cough cough* pleasant things....

August is here and so is the quizzing season in Delhi. The best way to miss classes without being punished for it.
Ah, bliss..........

And even more blissful is the rain : fresh drizzle, pearly drops and thundering skies...........
But the thunder causes only plain ol' turbulence.

The ter-boo-lens...well, that; that is at school.

So our Math class begins and the new Math teacher saunters in......
We begin,
And she "prooves" a theorem on the board.
"Its very important", she says, "the 'CBSC' says so...."

And we stare.

No, those aren't typos there.
Those are actual , factual (lol) examples......

The CBSE is the Central Board of Secondary Education but we sure don't mind it being changed to Chuck Board Schools for a Change.

Pink Floyd got it right.
I got it better"

We don't need no education.
Our teachers sure do.

And if not the teachers, at least the NCERT does.
This is actually from my Eco book just as it is there:

"This causes heavy loss to the customers; get spoiled suffer from monetary loss as well as get spoiled their health."

Yea, seriously.
And I still haven't been to answer my Science book when it asks:

"Why planets do not twinkle!"

Oooooh.....ever heard of question marks? Apparently not.

There was this circular that the CBSE issued that said students wouldn't be marked negatively for grammatical errors or minor spelling mistakes.But helloooo?? That's not an excuse enough for printing crap yourself!!

And sure, we all know WE can;t get spellings right and the circular is good for us and all that, but does that mean you teach it wrong in the first place?

And all these errors if you can call them that, in apparently revised editions...
.....the same editions you don't get until July because they're being edited and republished.

Yes, we belive that.

But the CBSE refuses to budge and change this.........
......and I get a new topic for my blog!!

Until future tirades!!!



Saturday, July 15, 2006


Whew, just back from school, where we had a "grand" ceremony to mark the golden jubilee year of the school.
Can't believe I actually subjected myself to this torture. This. THIS. THIS!

1.Flowers everywhere
Okay, agreed they look good on the buildings and the like, but even inside the auditorium??! And to top it,some obnoxious room freshener had been sprayed in the a/c ducts. Bleh. No, really, bleh.

2.The "seating arrangements"
More like the lack of them. Seriously,who the hell likes sitting like you're in a vacuum sealed pack? [-_-][-_-][-_-]

3.The whole irritating thing!
So the show started, and so did my siesta, but soon enough I was rudely awoken by the sound of cheering and clapping - the one great reason not to sit next to over-excited eleventhies who refuse to grow up. Must be the only lunatics who clap because the school logo has been put up on a screen. How awesome, eh? :|

4. The touching and heartfelt poem.
I don't need to comment here. Everyone understood the subtleties of it, right? :P

And here's what I DID enjoy.

Did I enjoy anything? Wait. Lemme think.
Oh yeah. The free ice cream. Thanks a bunch to whoever paid for it. You SO made my day .

So the ultimate moral of the story.
Don't go looking for silver linings on a super cloudy day.

PS-Before any rumour crops up, I am NOT turning philosopher. Anyway. Peace.


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