Thursday, June 17, 2010

No kidding.


Anonymous said...

OMG. What are u[Treena] pregnant with, AN ADOLESCENT BABY??

wild iris said...

Ohmygosh, LOL!

And the newness of thine blog, I like :) Yay!

» sahil said...

Hahahahahahah. People are strange.

Vasudha said...

Precisely why they are also interesting. :D

Vasudha said...

Uh oh. I missed the other comments.

Anonymous, erm. None of that directed to me, so I guess I don't reply?

Wild Iris, glad you doooo. ^_^

Namita said...

Arre, this is very cool. Go to Cool things there. ;)

Prerna said...

I came. I commented. I left.

P.S: LOL! :P

Vasudha said...

Namita, oh yuss! Also
Neat stuff. :D

Prerhu, haha, you didn't exactly come. :P

Janene Murphy said...


The stupidity of some people amazes me all the time. When it comes to the intelligence gene pool, some people just sink instead of swim.

Thanks for sharing!


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