Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Kewlest Five Pending Friend Requests On My Facebook


Numbaah 5

Honestly man, had your hand not been so strategically placed as to make me think there's a teeny-weeny tear somewhere, I would have accepted. Sachimuchi.


I think this guy has something to do with the Dance Soc of the college, considering the mutual friends. But, but. I don't. Also, my name isn't Vasu Vasoooz Vazoodha on Facebook.

Numbrrr 3

He's got a human display picture. He's got four pack abs. And a three pack upperchestishthingy. He can speak two languages. He can type two languages. He's hot. You're not.

Is it me or does the bracket say Dheen Jawaak? Duuude. Three languages.


Now this guy.
He. Is cool.
He's caring. Isn't pushy. Is accessible. Is religious. Is sax, blue collar et al. And shares my mum's name. Oh.

And the kewlest, fraandsippiest guy is...


Anonymous said...

Hahaha, wicked!

Btw, that thing in the bracket, it's dheeth jawaak. Which means something like stubborn kid. So yea, 2 languages. Extremely hot. :P

» sahil said...


"Smartboy Lucky", oh god :D

wild iris said...

What the hell? Why don't I get cool friend requests like this? I mean mine are pretty cool, but nothing like THIS. Meh. Am I not fraandshipable? :(

Perx said...

go with smartboy lucky.. he looks like a keeper..

Radhika Saxena said...

"As I said u sweetheart?"
You're so cool man.
Vasoooz. :D

Vasudha said...

Ish, that was a th? Silleh of me. I even checked online. :P And wow, why would you want to call yourself that?
And, yuss. Hotter than India Gate at 2PM in mid-June.

Sahil, oh yuss. He's got the smarts and he's got the luck. He's the shit. ^_^

Iris, maybe I look weird? And you look decent and more human? Or, seeing as there are no mutual friends, maybe there's just something I did once and forgot about. :|

Perx, yuss, totally! With the Tere Naam hairdo and the Salman Khan chain and all!

Radh, yooooooz I amz. B-)

The Keeper of the Keys said...
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The Keeper of the Keys said...

ROFLMAO!!! Nice new blog, btw!

Prerna said...


Vasudha said...

KotK, thengyou thengyou! =)

Prerhu, :P

The Blue Periwinkle said...

OMFG! :)))) Rofl!
Swtheart,they want to make fraaaandship with you?

N pls dont mind as i said u sweetheart?

Vasudha said...

Hawji, but I do mind.

TheAsianNerd (chrisbanization) said...

Hahahaha! I've only been reading your blog for an hour or so and I have to say I'm in love with your blog.

It's so hilarious and genuine. Keep on blogging! :D


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