Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Are people going crazy, or is it just me?

rad's wierd frnd: hola

vasudha: heya
so finally...........whuz dis

rad's wierd frnd: chie meorng piritt

vasudha: wat?

rad's wierd frnd: spanish

vasudha: duh.........i got dat whur u dude?

rad's wierd frnd: hi there
i know for sure
something abt english

vasudha: ..............

rad's wierd frnd: who are u

vasudha: hey w8 a sec.......ur radhika's frnd, rnt u?

rad's wierd frnd: now who is radhika?
i dnt knw

vasudha: radhika saxena

rad's wierd frnd: all girls run behind with this std dialogue
excuse me i dnt knw

vasudha: lets get dis straight

rad's wierd frnd: yup

vasudha: frst of send me mails

rad's wierd frnd: me, pardon

vasudha: and den, ur da one askin me whu i am .........

rad's wierd frnd: so strange!!!!!!!!!

vasudha: and to top it all,,,,,
you think im intrstd in u....

rad's wierd frnd: its necessary to knw who is at other side of comp
i think so
dont know
god is great and world is very small
isnt it

vasudha: and deyr r ppl whu think deyr god himself
so go take a hike....
get lost
do wateva ............

rad's wierd frnd: take care buddy have to go send me ur profile throgh email

vasudha:................ but leave me alone

rad's wierd frnd: i will have a look and if any interest willbe contacted for sure

vasudha: and yea....i do not want emails from ppl i dunno

rad's wierd frnd: excuse me u sending me emails

vasudha: helloo????!!!

rad's wierd frnd: chao

vasudha: I AM NOT INTERESTED!!!!!!!!!

rad's wierd frnd: me too!
wow hum tum story again

vasudha: well den y dont u just get lost??!!....

rad's wierd frnd: i like ur attitude
wht do u think
should we talk each other more

vasudha: no way.....

rad's wierd frnd: take care

vasudha: bye....adios....wa eva..... jus get lost.....hopefully foreva .....

RADHIKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have some serious explaining to do.....
I thought you told me this wierdo was some friend of yours........who had some wierd fixation with sending people on YOUR mailing list e-mails...
so far, so good.

but this??!!!

(PS.....I hope you know who I'm tlking about..^~^)

Monday, September 4, 2006


Was sitting bored in class...(what else will I be doing in bio??!!) when I saw these 4 or 5 kids sitting (in the front row obviously) totally rapt, with open mouths and wide eyes, gaping at the teacher.
The rest of the class was gaping at them.
Exceptions, obviously.

Why is it that for every single thing, there are these people who turn out to be different?
Different in thought, different in actions, different someway.

How is it that for something (supposedly) everyone likes, there is always a person who detests it?
Something might be thought to be universally hated, but why is there always someone who has a fervent passion for it?


What would you say if I gave you the lifeless expanse of a desert , proved that life did not exist there for miles around, except on a small speck of sand lying indistinguishable among all the rest?
A speck so minuscule, that even if you tried to see it standing upright, you'd fail.

And on that very speck, if I said, there existed billions of life forms, millions of species, some of them sized a trillionth of that speck.

And what if each of them consisted of particles even smaller, so small they weren't even visible to those tiny organisms?

Brimming with these life forms, what if it was just this speck that showed all this?
Just this among those vast multitudes of sand.

Unimaginable, isn't it?

Yet, that is exactly what the Earth is.
An exception.

Our existence is an exception.

Call it what you may: fate, divine intervention, co-incidence, or even science..... is an exception.

And so is your class nerd. Jeez.


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