Sunday, November 25, 2012

15 Years Later

We did make the journey.

The road's been made now. There is no trek. For old time's sake, we got off a couple of kilometres before, the adventurous among us, and walked ahead. The lodge offers adventure sports, camping packages, a zip line and the works. And in May, the time we went, there are no flowers. The sky is a clear blue.

My cousin (who was born the year after we went the first time) and I walked along the signs that said echo point. It was a far way off. We stopped midway and got talking, never making it there. Perhaps it's just as well. In my mind, it's a wondrous fable, and we'll let it echo.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Today, I walked and walked and walked some more. Met people. Saw things. And thought and thought and thought some more. At one point, I had almost an uncontrollable urge to stop in the middle of the road and sit down and puke out whatever it was I wanted to write.
But now the urge has passed. And this is where we end.

Also I hope you don't have me on your RSS reader. It's just going to mundane.

Friday, June 29, 2012

To and Fro

Today, I went to college to submit a couple of nothings to finalize my seat for a pan-India-ish educational, experiential train journey being organized by the university for girl students. I'd gone alone, it was just a necessary two minute dropping off of documents, and I thought the college would be empty, save excessive dust, like the last time I'd been there. I entered, only to find an unfamiliar crowd, mostly kids and aunties. Turns out today was the day for submission of fees for the new academic year and the tiny place was swarmed. Anxious kids, kids lost and dazed, but mostly swaggering kids, mighty proud of making it to the coveted land, with tshirts proclaiming, "If found, drop me AT THE NEAREST PUB!" I gawked for a while, laughed a bit, till I realized what I wore at my college orientation. "Music is my drug. GET ADDICTED!"
Good times.


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